RD_4For nearly forty years Southern Oregon and Jackson County have been my home. I have been educated here, raised my family here, and started a business here.

My wife, son and I enjoy all of the attributes and qualities that make our region truly special. This is a perfect time for me to take all that the community has done for me and give back as your Jackson County Commissioner. Like so many of you, my roots are deep and my passion is preserving our exceptional quality of life.

My background includes 25 years running and owning local businesses. My educational background is in law, business administration and accounting. With this background and experience I intend to bring fiscally sound and constitutionally responsible decision making to the County Commissioner position as we face the many tough issues that will confront Jackson County.

Too many times we get divided, yet our goals are fundamentally the same.

We want the ability to make a good living and take care of our families.

We want to help our seniors, children, and families when they need us the most through our public health system.

We want leaders that are focused on and attentive to our public safety as crime and drugs are on the rise in our county.

We can coordinate better and we can cooperate more. Local government can be much more effective with leadership that is united and passionate about our homes, our people, our neighborhoods, our Jackson County.


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