Thank You to the voters of Jackson County for re-electing me as your commissioner.

It is hard to believe it has been over seven years since becoming one of your Jackson County Commissioners. I want you to know that I have enjoyed every minute of it, and I’m as energized today just as much as when I was running for office in 2014. It will be an honor to continue to deal with complex issues and create common-sense solutions. Now is the time to rally together again with renewed purpose!

I am truly honored and humbled by the tremendous support I received over the past seven years from everyone.

-Rick Dyer

Rick Dyer - Strong Leadership for Jackson County

Excellent stewardship of public resources:

Rick Dyer has provided fiscally responsible leadership that has Jackson County in an excellent financial position and steadily improving year over year. Jackson County has been able to provide a high level of service to the public, invest in and maintain infrastructure, pay off debt and build financial reserves without ever raising taxes.

Staunch advocacy:

As one of the elected officials who consistently held Kate Brown accountable, Rick Dyer successfully led the charge to get the federal CARES Act funds intended for Jackson County released that were being improperly retained by the state. This funding was then distributed to Jackson County businesses and individuals that had been adversely impacted by the state lockdowns and business restrictions when they were most desperately needed.

The Jackson County Board of Commissioners declared a state of emergency due to the impacts of illegal marijuana and the need for enforcement resources that had been ignored by the state for years. Rick Dyer raised awareness throughout the state with scores of media interviews, press conferences, and public announcements. This effort ultimately resulted in the Oregon Legislature authorizing twenty-five million dollars statewide this year, with more to come, to battle the drug cartels and illegal marijuana problems.

The Jackson County Board of Commissioners has consistently advocated for state Covid-19 policies that balanced public health with businesses' ability to operate and survive, students' need to learn and thrive, and individual personal freedoms and choices.

The Board has also tirelessly advocated for better forest management and fire suppression policies. These efforts have resulted in better coordination with federal agencies and more aggressive fire suppression policies.

Experience and education:

Rick Dyer has lived in Southern Oregon for 46 years, raised a family here, and has owned and operated businesses here. He has 12 years of experience in local government, including the last seven as your County Commissioner. He has degrees in law and business administration and accounting. He has the experience to know what Jackson County needs and the unique skill set to do what needs to be done.

Jackson County needs this type of strong and experienced leadership now more than ever. Vote to re-elect Rick Dyer for Jackson County Commissioner.